Oppo & Samsung to manufacture in Turkey

Samsung oppo Türkiye'de yatırım

[:en]Turkey is preparing to host the two ambitious investments in the smartphone manufacture.

The two active players of the mobile phone market invest in Turkey to manufacture smartphones. Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Oppo plans to start manufacturing at the facility to be established in Istanbul and Kocaeli, in the first month of the new year. The size of the investment is expected to be around $50 million. Another key player in the market, Samsung, which is prepared to manufacture in Turkey is aiming to start production through a sub-contractor for the first phase of its investment.

The Chinese smartphone company Oppo, aims to start production next month in Turkey. The company’s facility is planning to be established in Istanbul and Kocaeli where the manufacture will be fully made in Turkey, not to assemble parts.

It was noted that the investment incentive certificate was received for the facilities, which will start to manufacture with an investment of approximately $50 million, and the necessary establishment procedures have been completed.

Some smartphone models of the Oppo are planned to be produced in Turkey, primarily to be exported to the European market. Founded in 2004 in Dongguang, China, and with more than 40,000 employees worldwide, Oppo has reached more than 300 million users.

Samsung to start production with subcontractor

It is also reported that South Korean technology company Samsung plans to manufacture in Turkey. According to the statement, Samsung will manufacture through a subcontractor which is established in Istanbul. It was stated that production will be mainly performed by assembling electronic parts of the smartphones.

The world-famous technology brand Samsung was founded in Korea in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul with only 30,000 won, or $ 27. Samsung Electronics, the world’s second largest manufacturer as of today, announced that it has achieved the highest smartphone sales profit in the last 6 years according to the results announced for the third quarter of 2020.

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