[:en]Turkish defense giant ASELSAN inks $38.8M export deal

[:en]Leading Turkish defense firm, ASELSAN, inked a $38.8 million (TL 297.3 million) agreement for the export of electro-optic and communication systems to an undisclosed customer from abroad.

The company informed the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) Thursday of the export deal.

ASELSAN said in the statement that the company has signed three sales agreements, the total value of which stands at $38.8 million.

The deliveries that are set to be carried out within the scope of the agreements between 2021 and 2022, the statement added, which pointed out that the new business relations will positively affect the company’s turnover.

Boosting production and exports even during the pandemic period, the company has increased the number of countries that use its products and technology to 70 in total with six new countries added in 2020, according to previous statements by the defense giant. It has provided a record-level forex revenue of $327 million while an additional $90 million in collections is expected for the year-end.

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