[:en]Turkey established a trade center in Dubai



The trade center in Dubai was inaugurated by the management of  Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone and  supported by the  Assembly of  Turkish Exporters and the Ministry of Trade and cooperation.

According to the statement made by Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, the commercial center established near Palmiye Island on the coast of the Persian Gulf, will operate in an indoors area of approximately 14 thousand square meters, with its 8 thousand square meters showroom, 2 thousand square meters warehouse and social facilities. Kayseri OSB Chairman Tahir Nursaçan attended the ceremony via teleconference, stated that the Trade Center is state-sponsored and a successful example for the projects carried out in cooperation with government institutions.

Describing that the center will boost Turkey’s economy and increase exports, Nursaçan said “Dubai is the commercial center of the region. The country does not only appeal to the Gulf region, but also to the West African market, whose trade is increasing day by day. The project also reveals the change in the export understanding of our country, which wants to be among the 10 biggest economies in the world in 2023.”

“We believe that the project will make a serious contribution to our export figures.”

Stating that Kayseri OIZ has made important contributions towards signing big international projects, Nursaçan added

“We have started the project with the support of the Ministry of Trade and Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), to provide storage and logistics facilities for the products for Turkish exporters and financial support, to ease their entry to the market in Dubai, in a short period of 2 years. Dubai is one of the world’s favorite commercial destinations. Most of the developed countries are opening new trade channels in this location. Turkish products must take place in this region, which has an annual market volume of 3 billion dollars.

The exhibition of products 365 days abroad

We believe that this Project, we have implemented in a short period of 2 years for the exhibition of products 365 days abroad, will increase the recognition of exclusive products (manufactured in Kayseri) in the global market, contribute to Turkey’s export target, to create opportunities for Turkey’s newly established companies, provide a significant contribution to our export performance.

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