[:en]Turkey to export Tunisia $ 80 mn. of UAV

Türkiye'den Tunus'a Anka-S ihracatı.


The success of Turk UAV/UCAVs in military operations led them to be exported to Tunisia, after Qatar and Ukraine.

Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI), for the first time in its history, signed the sale of the national and locally designed unmanned aerial vehicle, ANKA-S.

As a result of the negotiations that had started in 2019 and ended up with an agreement in 2020, 3 ANKA-S UAVs and 3 Ground Control Systems will be supplied to the Tunisian Air Force Command.

$ 80 Million Deal

It is stated that the export value was 80 million dollars and 52 Tunisian pilots and maintenance personnel will be trained at TAI.

The UAV (ANKA-S), entered the inventory after its first flight in 2017, in Turkey.

With the completion of the development work of the ANKA-S, many operational features were added to the system.

One of the most important features of ANKA-S is, its ability to control via satellite, which will eliminate the limitations of line-of-sight distance.

With the transfer of the “Control Stations” located in the “Operational Training and Simulator Centers”, which is independent from the departure points, 6 UAVs can be managed at the same time.

Prepared for the Toughest Conditions

The UAV’s resistance to environmental conditions was increased and wind limits during landing and take-off were designed according to the most demanding conditions of its class.

Security has been increased for communication systems. The wireless and network communication of ANKA-S are protected by national encrypted systems, thus preventing the data to be captured by the enemy.

The reconnaissance-surveillance system, which consists of a nationally developed full HD resolution day and night camera, low-light camera, laser pointer and laser distance measuring systems, will be used in the ANKA-S UAVs for the first time.

Thanks to the remote display terminals, it is possible to obtain real-time images up to 50 kilometres distance and to transport of objects’ image lighter than 10 kilograms.

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